The competition is now closed.

Trinity College Dublin recently became home to a research hive of honeybees and we are asking you to help us name the queen for a chance to win a copy of DK’s “The Bee Book”  a great introduction to bees and beekeeping that celebrates the wonder of bees in nature, in our gardens and in the hive.

Bee Book high res.jpg The Queen Bee is the matriarch of the hive. She lays up to 1,500 eggs per day, up to 1 million during her lifetime. At its peak, the honeybee colony can have up to 60,000 workers (females) and several hundred drones (males). The workers act as nurses, cleaners and food collectors for the colony: they fly from the hive and visit flowers to collect pollen, to feed to the larvae, and nectar to store as honey, so that they colony has food all year round.

To enter the competition, people simply need to tweet their suggested names to @tcddublin using the hashtag #TrinityQueen or complete the form below. The competition runs from April 11th until 12 noon on May 11th.