A year of Irish Times columns…

For the past year, I have been writing a column once a month in the Irish Times, on the “Life Science” page. It was daunting to be told I could write on whatever topic I wanted (as long as it was something to with science, the environment, related policy, current issues), and surprisingly tricky to come up with a new angle each month. After doing it for a year, I decided to call it a day – there are just too many other demands on my time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience though, and am honoured and grateful to have had the chance to do this. It’s a very different kind of writing to the usual scientific style, and there was quite a learning curve. Luckily, I had expert help from Hannah Hamilton (Executive Co-ordinator of the IFNC, currently registered for a higher research degree in my group), to whom I am extremely grateful (for ideas, editing, redrafting, ghost-writing).

I was asked recently for an archive of articles, and so have compiled links to them all below.


Jane Stout is Professor in Botany, at Trinity College Dublin.


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