Irish Pollinator Research Network goes from strength to strength…

Following on from the successful meeting last year, we held our Second Annual Irish Pollinator Research Network Meeting on 18th January 2019. This year, 22 researchers from TCD, UCD, DCU, MU, TUD and QUB gathered at DCU’s Water Institute for 16 oral presentations and discussions about pollinator, pollination and pollen research currently underway in Ireland.


From rare bumblebee ecology and conservation, to pollen modelling and forecasting, pesticide residues and impacts on bees, how weather affects pollinators, plant-pollinator networks and the value of pollinators to Ireland, this meeting demonstrated the breadth and quality of research that is currently underway on the island of Ireland. Several national and international collaborative projects (including @ProtectsProject, @FarmEcos and @poshbee_eu) provide formal links among researchers, but the informal collaborations and the feeling of community fostered in the network is its real strength. In addition, with expertise encompassing the fields of molecular biology, analytical chemistry, ecology and conservation, this network can address problems and provide insights that go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The network first formed in 2016, and actively engages with DAFM and the EPA, provides some of the research under pinning the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and contributes to a wide range of science outreach and knowledge exchange activities.

All researchers on the island of Ireland who work on pollinators are welcome to join – email us and we’ll put you on the mailing list for next year’s meeting.

To find out more, see other blog posts on Campus Buzz and the webpages of the research groups:
Jane Stout
Jim Carolan
Blanaid White
Dara Stanley

David O’Connor


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