All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Engagement Survey

We need your input! TCD MSc student, Lizzy Elli, is researching motivations and engagement with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan…

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) was launched in 2015 and the support for it has been phenomenal. As the plan reaches the end of its first five-year phase, we’re trying to find out why people have got involved.

The AIPP Engagement Survey will generate data for Lizzy’s research project, which aims to elucidate user motivations to engage with pollinator-friendly activities. The survey is targeted at those who have already participated in activities outlined by the AIPP. Critically, this research will enable us to understand what it is precisely that motivates people to act when it comes to pollinator friendly activities.

This research is not only useful for developing phase II of the AIPP, but it has far reaching applications across various sectors such as businesses, schools, and others by illuminating how and why people interact with certain activities. With the information obtained from this survey, we can create more tailored action programs that are more effective and user-friendly. Specifically, the results of this study will be used to produce an even more engaging and efficient AIPP in phase II, enabling us to help protect Ireland’s threatened pollinator species!

The study is conducted with the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The survey is anonymous and data collected will be used for the sole purpose of this study.

If you have any interest in the AIPP, please click on the link below and take the survey! It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and the responses will be used to create a more pollinator-friendly Ireland!

Thank you!

All Ireland Pollinator Plan logo



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