The Cherry on Top? Flies as Alternative Crop Pollinators

PhD student Caroline Ponsonby may have been grounded by Covid-19 and unable to travel to Western Sydney University to start her PhD as planned, but she has been able to examine crop pollination by flies here in Ireland instead.

During 2021, Caroline has been examining cherry pollination, and investigating the role of flies as well as bees as pollinators. She has been determining the diversity of species that visit cherry flowers, looking at the pollen those visitors carry and deposit, and how those visitors behave within the cherry orchards. This will help inform management of pollinators in and around the cherry crops.

Caroline has just won the Western Sydney University Visualise Your Thesis competition with the video below, and now goes on to the the international competition in Melbourne.

Caroline is supervised by Prof James Cook and Dr Jon Finch at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in Western Sydney University and Prof Jane Stout at Trinity College Dublin.


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